When you need a new deck built, there is no one better suited to build it for you than our experienced deck builders at OMNE Deck Building in Omaha, NE. We have assembled a team of professional deck builders to design and build your ideal deck. They will ensure that it meets your specific needs by consulting with you about how you intend on utilizing it. Our experts offer you a variety of decks to choose from. Our contractors can offer you a stable deck, built according to building code. A deck that is properly designed and built can withstand years of use and can stand up to the harshest weather conditions. You can have the type of deck built that you’ve always wanted no matter how big or how small it might be. They will consult with you about every feature of your deck, color, stain, size, and more. Our goal is to ensure that you get exactly what you want, as we intend on providing you with your money’s worth no matter the extent of your service needs. We believe in making sure that our customers can receive the best quality of services possible and this is why we work with the most qualified team of experts in the city to build your deck.

About Us

OMNE Deck Builders is your local, family-owned and operated professional deck building company in Omaha, Nebraska. We have been the industry for over three decades and provide our customers with the best quality of craftsmanship of any builders around. Our deck builders are chosen based on their skills and experience. They are professionally vetted to determine their ability to effectively satisfy the needs of our customers. We have a team of experts who are capable of both designing and building your deck for you. Our services are preferred to many of the other deck builders in the area due to our ability to satisfy the needs of our customers.

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Our Services

The decks that we build are built to last! It doesn’t matter the type of deck that you wish to have, we can offer you exactly what you want. They have received professional training and have the necessary qualifications to provide you with the type of deck that you desire. Their training has prepared them to effectively address the needs of even our most discerning customers. Our deck builders are hard-working, dependable contractors with years of experience. They will prove that you have relied upon the right service providers to help with your service needs regardless of the extent of the job that has to be done. You are assured of getting your money’s worth by relying on our team of experts.

Omaha Custom Deck Build

Custom Built Decks

You may want a basic deck or a big deck with a variety of features. Our experienced deck builders have built some of the most extraordinary decks in the area. Even if you have never had a deck built before, we can show you some of the customizable features that can help us make the deck something that you can be proud of and that you can truly make your own. Rely on us to build the deck that you have always wanted but never imagined that you could have.

Deck Repair Omaha

Deck Repair

When you have a deck that is in despair then look up OMNE Deck Builders. We have a team of experts who can help you with your deck repairs. You could try to do the work yourself but you may not get it right, and this could be dangerous, as you may be putting yourself and others in harm’s way. We have the necessary tools and the talent that is needed to make major and minor repairs to your deck.

Deck Design Omaha

Deck Designing

Our award-winning deck designers can design a deck that is specific to your needs. They build decks based on the preferences of those whom we serve in the Omaha area. Whether you want a deck that can accommodate 10 people or 15 people, we can design it for you. When you have a deck, you may not realize how much better it would be if it was properly designed by professional deck designers.

Omaha Deck Builder

Deck Installation

One of the most important things about a deck building company is making sure that the deck is properly installed. It doesn’t matter how nicely designed the deck might be. What matters is that the deck is correctly installed. If it is not correctly installed then there is the chance of the deck collapsing with or without people standing on it. Either way, it would be tragic. We take the time to make sure that your deck is properly installed by inspecting it several times.

Deck Refinishing Omaha

Deck Refinishing

Have a dull and unattractive deck? OMNE Deck Builders can do something about that. You don’t have to have your existing deck torn down and another one built because we can refinish it so that it looks like new again. You can choose from different finishes and features to help improve the appearance of your deck. Refinishing a deck is less expensive than having a new deck installed. Call us and let us show you how easy it is for us to refinish your deck.

Omaha Pool Deck

Pool & Spa Decks

If you have a pool and spa but you don’t have the deck to lye on once you get out then allow us to build one for you. There are plenty of options to choose from and we will present them all to you when you contact us about building your new pool deck. We use the most appropriate materials to help prevent slips and falls due to the wet surfaces. If you want a deck that is made to last then make sure you call on our talented team of professionals to build it for you. We always give you your money’s worth no matter what type of deck we’re building for you at OMNE Deck Builder

Contact Us

We are the best deck designer and builders in Omaha, NE and that is why our deck building services are preferred to many of the other deck builders in Omaha. We take pride in the work that we do and this is something that comes through in every deck that we build and design for one of our customers. You get more than you bargain for by relying on us to assist with your service needs, which is more than we can say for some of the other service providers in the area. We stand by the work that we offer to you by taking it a step further by offering you our service guarantee. You are guaranteed to receive the quality of service that you want and deserve by turning to us for your service needs. Our experienced deck builders make sure that if you are not happy that they continue working at it until you are. We never walk away from a job until our customer is 100% satisfied with the work that has been done for them. You can hire us with confidence that your money will be well spent. Call for your no-obligation consultation today!


“We have had our pool for years and when we get out, we just lye on the hot concrete around it. After realizing how annoying this is, I decided to see how much it would cost for us to have a pool deck built. Much to my surprise, it was more affordable than I thought. After calling around to different deck companies, we settled with OMNE Deck Builders. They offered us the most realistic and affordable quote. We were as equally surprised to see the quality of materials that they used. This was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made!” – John J.

“We had a deck on our house but it seemed that as our family grew so did our need for more space. When we gathered with our family outdoors, we had to start setting up seating on the lawn because our deck could no longer accommodate them. My husband called OMNE Deck Builders about adding on to our deck and they were happy to do the work for us. We have seen their work before and there was no doubt about who we would rely on to build onto our deck. We look forward to using their services again to possibly refinish our deck so that it blends well with our new deck.” – Arnold R.

“My brother-in-law helped get the materials that we needed to build our new deck but when it was time to install it, both of us were at a loss. We scoured the Internet to figure out exactly how to do it and it was more than we could handle. This type of job is better suited for a professional service, such as OMNE Deck Builders. We hired them to install our deck and couldn’t be happier with the results.” – Gary T.